The story of LONELY FLOWER is an insightful look into one young woman’s struggle to understand the many layers of her place in her own family, and ultimately the world itself. Through pain and perseverance, LONELY FLOWER speaks to the spirit of resilience in us all, and the determination of one, in a candidly raw, and at times heartbreaking look into one persons’ life.

It all started on a chilly night in 1972 on the streets of Boston when Chicaboo Pimp set his mind on introducing Pat into his world of sex money and drugs,and the fast life underneath the street lights.Pat did fall victim to his poisonous game,and would eventually give birth to a baby boy on an even colder day inside of a prison hospital room later that year…and rather than being raised as a son of a pimp? Pat’s son Calvin grew up as a student of the game – earnin and learnin the game from day one.Follow this story as it unfolds through the years as Chicaboo first lays claim to the crown as a flawed king of the game…and witness the change from Calvin to Caligula as he juggles the game to the point where he either falls like too many who try to defy the odds,or- lives on as a legend.Game will surely recognize game wit every turn of the page in this gritty and graphic novel depicting the ugly truths of a life few survive.

Law knew two things for sure, one thing for certain and that was: he would never forget who did right by him, and never forgive who did him wrong. So when he stepped out of prison focused and determined to even some scores,as well as build a road to his own success in life…he did so with ruthless abandon to who he would hurt along the way.
Driven by principle and guided by his own sense of justice…Law set his plan in motion and when it was all said and done- set in motion events that even he couldn’t predict or control.
In the end…only one thing could stop Law from all that he dreamed of having when he was in prison,and that is- himself.

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